Migrants: An Invisible Force in Central Asia

The project gives voice to the people of Central Asia to tell us what migration means through their photos and their stories. In a region where human mobility was always part of the nomadic life, modern citizens of Central Asia are becoming citizens of the world through migration within the region and beyond. Their migration stories depend on the choices they make and the challenges they encounter, on how they engage in the societies they join, and how societies receives them, on their search for a better life with dignity and respect of their rights.


IOM /The UN Migration Agency, sub-regional co-ordination office for Central Asia, the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration, is launching the IOM Central Asia (IOM CA) PhotoStory Project -Migrants: An Invisible Force in Central Asia.

The project will include two elements: photography and story writing, aiming:

i/ to engage Central Asian citizens, University students and Artists/Photographers, by launching an open call and offering an award to both categories ;

ii/ to promote the dialogue between the image and story writing by asking from both categories to provide a text which will describe their series or explain their concept as part of their submission, and

iii/ to emphasize the narrative force of the image by inviting two Central Asian writers to reflect and write on the winning photos .