Migrants: An Invisible Force in Central Asia

The photographs of both categories will be evaluated by three Central Asian experts and by two IOM representatives.

Apart from bearing a relationship to the subject/main theme, the works/images will be assessed on the basis of their coherence, artistic quality and the personal style of the creator. The jury will convene in late May and the results will be posted on the website. The winners of both categories will also be informed by individual e-mails.

Irina Bogoslovskaya
Dr. Irina Bogoslovskaya is an art historian, art critic and writer-researcher from Uzbekistan. She is the author of more than 100 academic and popular articles in local and international publications, including work as writer and advisor on albums about the photographs of early Soviet Uzbekistan by Max Zakharovich Penson (1893-1959) and Uzbekistan's first professional woman photographer Dina Khodjaeva (b. 1932). She served for many years as Senior Research Associate at the National Art Museum of Uzbekistan. As a specialist in Central Asian decorative and applied arts she was also head of the ethnographic department of the National History Museum of Uzbekistan. She is the co-author (with Larisa Levteeva) of "Skullcaps of Uzbekistan, 19th-20th Centuries".

Gulmira Shalabayeva
Gulmira Kenzhebulatovna Shalabaeyva is a Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, and Director of the State Museum of Arts named after Kasteyev. Her first degree is in journalism. Mrs. Shalabayeva has made a lot of reforms and contributed into the new concept of the art museum. She paid attention to new technologies and also attracted modern galleries for cooperation. She is a recipient of the Honor Award from the Government of Kazakhstan as well as a laureate of the State Award named after Chokan Valikhanov in the field of social and political sciences.

Alimjan Jorobaev
Alimjan Jorobaev is an art-photographer, member of the Union of Film directors and photography of Kyrgyzstan. He shows in his art work the social reality of modern Kyrgyzstan, sometimes shocking audience with his reality and changing epochs. For many years he worked at “Kyrgyzfilm” studio as photographer in a variety of films. Mr. Jorobaev has arranged and participated in numerous photo exhibitions and created photo albums.